Lali Torma Painter, Germany

Although she started to paint later in life, Lali Torma is energized by a distinct need to create a new cheerful and vibrant world in response to years of communistic grey and corporate taupe. Inspired by landscapes, urban moods, science fiction and macro photography, her paintings are transformational images of emotions and energy twisted by randomness with one result: a new unexpected but somehow familiar universe. Torma's first act is choosing the color: sometimes one color leads the others, sometimes they come as a democratic group. She loves the acrylic paint for its synthetic quality that contrasts with her “organic” tendencies: "Acrylic is very decisive: it is either vibrant and clear, creating light and brightening its surroundings or dark, without transparency, building walls where emotions stop and break, become new, and unknown. Its drying speed forces me to let go and not over think in the process." Therefore, Torma works quickly and spontaneously, without hours of examination. It is a disconnection (of the best kind) from the prosaic, and a direct link to the subconscious. She enjoys getting close to the painting, to its textured surface, so when she steps back, the image created is a grand surprise. In the beginning, Torma used knives of different forms. The knife restricts the movement around its axis; movements are harsh and decisive giving the painting a very masculine energy: strong and sharp. Over the time, the knives evolved to larger and larger blades until the blade covered the entire surface of the canvas. The slight initial control is lost and the abstract becomes almost absolute: the cut becomes a stretching, the dragging movement larger and larger. Dragging has become Torma's favorite technique, but she still needs to “blade” the paint sometimes in order to change the energy flow.

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